Faithful Families Thriving Communities

Since 2007, I’ve been involved in leading an initiative from the NC Division of Public Health and NC State Extension called Faithful Families Thriving Communities (previously known as Faithful Families Eating Smart and Moving More).  From a pilot project in four counties in NC to a multi-state project covering the United States, it’s been suchContinue reading “Faithful Families Thriving Communities”

Conversations with Food Pantry Directors

In light of the current Farm Bill debates, particularly around increasing work requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, I wanted to post some food assessment reports that we carried out as part of our Voices into Action research.  As part of these reports, which were done in partnership with local coalitions and organizations, weContinue reading “Conversations with Food Pantry Directors”

When Religion Matters

Better late than never, but I wanted to share that my book exploring women’s healing practices in the aftermath of the Liberian Civil War was published by Wipf & Stock!   Read more about it here. Here’s an excerpt from the back cover: How does starting with women’s statements that “God was there” in the moment ofContinue reading “When Religion Matters”

Re-Thinking “Food Deserts”

We have learned a lot through the Voices into Action project about how and why families purchase and eat the foods that they do.  I’m excited to share that some of that research has just been published in the Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition.  In this article, we pay attention to the ways thatContinue reading “Re-Thinking “Food Deserts””

Blessings of Unintended Pregnancy

When I was a graduate student at Emory University, I had the opportunity to work on the Religion and Reproductive Health Project, a research project that ended up profoundly shaping the course of my work.  Not only did I learn about – and engage – ethnographic methods of research (which I later employed in my dissertationContinue reading “Blessings of Unintended Pregnancy”

New post at Mothering Matters – Life and Loss

This week, for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Week, I am re-posting my piece from Mothering Matters, Life and Loss. October 15, 2014 When I found out I was pregnant after over a year of waiting for an adoption, coupled with seven previous miscarriages, I wasn’t very excited.  Instead, I was a nervous wreck.  When I startedContinue reading “New post at Mothering Matters – Life and Loss”

New Project! Mothering Matters: Parenting as Spiritual Practice & Source for Theology

I’m excited to announce the launch of a new project and blog, co-edited by Elizabeth Gandolfo, Claire Bischoff and yours truly.  In addition to the edited volume, we have launched a blog to widen the conversation about parenting, religious practices and theology. From our page: Mothering Matters began as a conversation several years ago between AnnieContinue reading “New Project! Mothering Matters: Parenting as Spiritual Practice & Source for Theology”

Women Under Siege: Liberia conflict profile

Earlier this month, Women Under Siege published a Liberia conflict profile, written by Pamela Scully, Sabrina Karim and Erin Bernstein.  The piece outlines a brief history of Liberia and its civil war, describes and provides data on how sexual violence was used as a weapon of war, and outlines the legal precedents that have beenContinue reading “Women Under Siege: Liberia conflict profile”

Women, religion and rights

In 2011, I attended and led a discussion group for the Carter Center’s Human Rights Defenders Forum, with the theme of Religion, Belief and Women’s Rights.  You can learn more about that forum in my short post at the Immanent Frame. The Carter Center, along with its partners across the globe, sponsored a follow-up toContinue reading “Women, religion and rights”