New Project! Mothering Matters: Parenting as Spiritual Practice & Source for Theology

I’m excited to announce the launch of a new project and blog, co-edited by Elizabeth Gandolfo, Claire Bischoff and yours truly.  In addition to the edited volume, we have launched a blog to widen the conversation about parenting, religious practices and theology.

From our page:

Mothering Matters began as a conversation several years ago between Annie Hardison-Moody, Claire Bischoff, and Elizabeth Gandolfo, during our time as graduate students at Emory University.   As we discussed how to balance motherhood (or the dreams of motherhood) and academic vocations, and how our experiences of becoming/being mothers influenced our own theological scholarship, we realized that we wanted to hear from others in our fields about how they have thought about mothering and parenting practices in relation to theology, ethics and religious studies.  We decided to venture out and begin a public conversation around these questions and intersections and began work on a proposal for an edited volume.

Mothering Matters: Parenting as Spiritual Practice and Source for Theology is an edited volume exploring the questions that arise at the intersection of the topics of motherhood studies, religious practice, pastoral care, and theology. Contributors to this interdisciplinary volume will be junior and senior feminist, womanist, Asian and Latina scholars. We aim to have a completed manuscript by Spring of 2015.

We recognize that an academic edited volume, while necessary, represents just the beginning of a larger conversation about mothering and parenting that needs to take place amongst theologians, scholars of religion, faith communities, and parents themselves.  So we developed this blog, which we hope will function as a shared space for reflection and conversation about mothering, parenting, religious practice, theology and ministry.  Our aim is that together we will open up fertile academic and ecclesial space for allowing the experience of parenting to challenge and inform spiritual practice and theological and ethical reflection more broadly.

My first post is also live, on pregnancy loss and grief.  It’s a very personal piece, and it was not easy to write, but I’m glad we are starting this conversation.

Check us out at the blog, on Facebook or follow us on Twitter (@MotheringMatter) for more.  Can’t wait to hear what you think!

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